Our Unique Approach

Our Nurture MD Roadmap is a unique approach to help motivated patients address fatigue, autoimmune disorders, gut health & hormonal imbalances so they can enjoy a well-balanced, productive life looking and feeling their best… even if they’ve been told “your labs are normal” and literally don’t know what to do next.

We partner with each client to achieve these steps, starting with the Foundation Phase:

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During the intake, we’ll review your past medical history and any previous lab tests, so we can assess symptoms or anything your doctor might have missed.

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Next, we'll determine the need for additional lab tests to help pinpoint the real reasons for your chronic health issues and to understand your current hormone, stress, and nutrient levels.

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After that, we’ll seek to transform sleep and stress management – by improving sleep hygiene and resetting your internal body clock to further accelerate self-healing. We’ll also support stress physiology to improve your body's stress resilience.

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The next three steps focus on gut health, nutritional deficiencies and cellular health – starting with pathogens & stealth infections, repairing the gut lining to reestablish intestinal integrity and replenishing the microbiome to properly digest food, improve nutrient absorption as well as neurotransmitter production - important for balanced mood.

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As part of the nutritional assessment, we evaluate nutritional deficiencies brought on by environmental factors and prescription drugs so we can adjust your diet and as needed, deploy a supplement protocol.

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The last step in this phase is dedicated to detox and cellular health – helping you reduce your body’s toxic burden, avoiding toxins in the first place, and replenishing your cellular machinery for an energized life.

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Once we make headway with your gut health, nutritional deficiencies and detox, we’ll turn our attention to rebalancing your hormones, nervous system, and mindset.

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To calm your nervous system, we seek to balance autonomics, optimize neurotransmitters and reset neurological signals so your body can shift from “flight or flight” to “rest and digest” mode – while dialing down inflammatory signals and enhancing mood and focus.

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In the hormone rebalancing step, we provide thyroid and adrenal support to restore energy and improve metabolism. We also cover blood sugar balance and address possible insulin resistance that can keep you from losing weight and feeling energized.

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The final step of our Nurture MD Roadmap focuses on  mindset and emotional balance, helping you uncover limiting beliefs, repattern negative thoughts and help resolve emotional trauma that might impede your healing progress.

How Our Approach Is Different

At Nurture MD, our approach blends conventional and functional medicine lab-work, allowing us to see the full picture of your health and devise tailored treatment plans. As such, our integrative medicine approach under the guidance of Dr. Sandra Plybon focuses on:

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Using a variety of treatment modalities, including using food as medicine in tandem with state of the art testing.

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Focusing holistically on all the areas that impact your health… including gut health, nutrition, education and mindset.

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Teaching patients how to take an active role in health creation, so that they can heal and/or keep chronic illness at bay.

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Focusing on optimal health, based on your unique biological needs, not just the absence of symptoms or disease.

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Acknowledging the multi-factorial nature of complex causes of illness, which requires an experienced clinician who can pinpoint the reasons you have the illness and craft the correct treatment plan.

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Using natural, non-toxic therapies, as much as possible, harnessing the body’s amazing ability to heal itself.

How It Works

Over the course of 3-9 months, we provide a personalized treatment (depending on the severity of your situation). Most of our patients experience significant improvements in their wellness within a few weeks of starting to work with our team.

15-Minute Consult

A short 15-minute discovery consult to identify the key problems along with the best next steps.

90-Minute Initial Visit

In-depth 90-minute intake visit to review your history and create a solid treatment plan.

Individualized Care Plan

Your care plan is delivered over a 6 month time period, with additional follow-up or testing as needed.

A collaborative care approach where education is key as well as comprehensive testing and nutritional guidance.

We build a partnership with patients, so we can work as a team and come up with the best therapeutic plan focused on gut health, detox, nutrition and more.


In Our Patients Own Words

  • “I have a VERY demanding job so I originally went to see Dr. Plybon because I felt like I was losing my edge and needed a tune up. I had a lot of brain fog and I noticed that I just felt sluggish. I also had some unrelated skin issues which I later found out were due to digestive issues that I’ve been having over the past 5 years. Now the brain fog is better, sleep is better, digestion is better. The bumpy skin on my neck and fingers is GONE and I feel my confidence coming back! This program has not only helped me get back in the shape I used to be in but I’ve seen improvement in all aspects of my life.”

    Chery L.

  • “Dr. Plybon is incredibly kind and always goes the extra mile in all aspects. She was there to support me whenever I needed it as well. She is incredibly knowledgeable and has helped me resolve a lot of my health issues. I highly recommend her if you are ready to improve your quality of life.”

     David A.

  • “I have been a patient with Dr. Plybon for several years. Since I became a certified functional medicine health coach, I have learned how important nutrition, lifestyle and social factors can have on overall health. Dr, Plybon embodies these values in her practice and is helping me discover holistic remedies for chronic conditions. Her personalized approach, not commonly available via mainstream insured medical services, is a blessing. This is what healthcare should be! ”

    David S.

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Nurture MD Is Right For You?

Do you have questions about our program and starting your path back to health? Dr. Plybon is happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not Nurture MD is right for you.

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Do you have questions about starting your path back to health? Dr. Plybon is happy to answer any questions you have to see whether or not Nurture MD is right for you.


Areas Served

Nurture MD is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, and serves patients throughout the Greater Fort Collins Area and Northern Colorado. These areas include but are not limited to Larimer County, CO, Boulder County, CO, Jackson County, CO, Weld County, CO, Grand County, CO, Golden Meadows, Collindale, Foxstone, Morningside, Bucking Horse, and surrounding areas.
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